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Analytics Case Study

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The Background

Have you run into a situation where your digital strategy has been crippled by the lack of usable data? Unsophisticated website analytics can lack meaning and be limited to default data such as pageviews and visits. Digital campaigns should be measured beyond vanity metrics such as clicks and impressions.

In this case study, the Client was unsure if its media investment attributed to tangible results because their data was incomplete. The lack of data held this partner back from digital maturity, at a time in which the digital team was tasked with aggressive digital growth goals.

The Challenge

Our task was to improve website tracking through the Client's online conversion point, a submitted application. There were multiple issues with their original Google Analytics configuration, including:

  • Lack of tracking on micro conversions

  • Lack of tracking on macro conversions

  • Lack of tracking on general website behavior activity

  • Broken cross-domain tracking between the website and application portal, causing session division and loss of source attribution


There was also broken user journey tracking where once the session began and users clicked on the call-to-action button, the initial session ended and a new one began. 

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The Approach

MetricsEdge recommended a full Google Analytics audit, including extensive analysis on:

  • Account structure diagnostics

  • Data validity

  • Event tracking

  • Goal tracking


Additionally, we conducted a Google Tag Manager audit, full re-structure of event mapping in GTM, including goal mapping and configuration in GA. Then, we began troubleshooting cross-domain issues with 3rd parties (caused by auto-generated parameters in URL). Last, we recommended a customized dashboard report with real-time metrics that would be emailed daily to key stakeholders.

The Results

Sophisticated digital analytics configurations provided visibility to critical engagement points on the client site, from lead form submissions to completed applications. This visibility allowed key stakeholders to understand:

  • The path to conversion

  • Full media attribution

  • Democratization of data across multiple leadership teams through a suite of conversion dashboard reports 

  • Media plan optimization based on channels that drove applications

  • Campaign optimization based on messages that drove applications

 Business OUtcomes 


Increase in member applications


Increase in conversion rate


Decrease in


The digital analytics maturity and attribution clarity that resulted from this process allowed for:

Media budget reallocation and optimization, driving more applications on less budget

Better quality leads as a result of optimized data feeding into the machine learning algorithms

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