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 We start by defining the goals and configuring your analytics to measure them. Then we analyze, report, optimize, and repeat. Throughout that journey, we help leadership understand what matters.



Analytics audits

realtime reporting



GA360 onboarding

When a partner outgrows the free version of Google Analytics, MetricsEdge will work with its trusted reseller partner to onboard GA360 and provide ongoing support and analytics strategy. This service also includes the construction of real-time, automated dashboards and monthly reporting and analysis, inclusive of insights and recommendations for campaign and website optimization.

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GA4 integration

GA4 is Google’s newest analytics platform and will eventually replace the Universal Analytics and Google App + Web that we are all familiar with. The benefits of GA4 include a heavier reliance on machine learning for conversion modeling and segmentation opportunities. It also combines cross-platform behavioral data to bring to life the user journey between website and app.


Between now and the official sunset of Universal Analytics, we encourage businesses to launch a GA4 property parallel to their legacy GA property to begin data collection and learn how to navigate and digest the data in the new interface. 

Analytics Audits

Analytics audits

Having a plethora of data that can’t be trusted is worthless. A robust analytics audit will include both a forensics scan of your analytics setup, as well as a deep dive into your unique business’ measurement framework to ensure all data is clean, useful, and trustworthy. All of our analytics audits include an extensive report and action plan.

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Realtime Reporting
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Robust realtime reporting

Access your data anywhere, at any time.

MetricsEdge will automatically pull in data from multiple sources - both paid and organic - into a custom suite of bespoke, real-time dashboards, which empower stakeholders and improve productivity and collaboration. Understand what traffic sources and campaigns are driving high-intent users to your websites with cross-domain, full-funnel tracking to help inform your marketing and content strategies.



"Closing the loop” on your analytics allows you to understand the impact of your overall marketing investment and the performance of each channel. We strive to bring media measurement all the way through to the most critical conversion point, whether that’s a retail transaction, enrolled student, or a closed B2B sale.

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